Water flowing from sinkAt Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we want to know: how’s your plumbing in McGregor, MN? Is it in good condition, working well and looking beautiful in your bathrooms and kitchen? Our licensed plumbers love taking care of drains, finding the best fixture for a new look, and inspecting your home’s hidden pipes to make sure they’re doing ok.

    When it’s time for new appliances like hot water heaters, we can answer your questions and even install new types such as hybrid or tankless. Of course, we’re here for emergencies 24/7. Amazing pipes and fixtures can make your life at home flow beautifully!

    Inspired Plumbing in McGregor

    When your drains flow quickly and your shower delivers a refreshing morning blast, you feel good about your plumbing. Our Northern Air Plumbing & Heating plumbers love to create solutions for your home. Whether it’s new, water-saving faucets and toilets for the bathroom or the right kitchen sink and a pull-down, motion-sensing faucet to give you space and convenience, they can help! If you’re thinking of switching from gas to electric hot water, installing a hybrid tank, or even tankless, or needing maintenance and repairs to keep yours solid and trouble-free, we’re ready.

    Whether you’re dropping your mop to call for quick repairs 24/7, or have spotted signs of a pipe problem and need leak detection, we have plumbers ready to help. Years of experience make them excellent detectives, getting to the heart of the problem. A boiling sound from your water heater, banging from “water hammer” in your pipes, or endless leaks from your faucets and run-on toilet valve are all standard fare for them. They’re especially good at catching problems early, before you have water damage to your walls, wires, or floor to repair.

    From classic homes and cabins to new construction, our experienced plumbers are ready to provide repiping, renovation, roughing-in and finishing services. Our deep knowledge of area home designs helps us solve puzzles in your pipes that have stumped others. If you’re experiencing troublesome drains, multiple fixture problems that seem somehow related, or odd water pressure situations, let us take a look at it. We’re the plumbers who provide peace of mind!

    With a wide variety of plumbing and home services, we provide:
    • Pipe and fixture repairs
    • Sump and lift pumps
    • Tank, hybrid, and tankless water heaters
    • Water filtration systems
    • Water softening and iron removal filters
    • Cleaning drains and clog clearing
    • Sewer line and septic services
    • Video inspection
    • Leak detection and repair
    • And much more!

    Drain being worked on

    Your Personal Plumbers for Peace of Mind

    Attentive and insightful, our Northern Air Plumbing & Heating plumbers are ready to help. Since 1991, we’ve been helping McGregor homeowners with urgent pipe, fixture, and appliance problems, stylish renovations, and custom fixtures. Count on us for routine inspections and maintenance for your pipes, water heater, and water filtration system. With an eye to preventive care, we’re your licensed plumbers and HVAC company that provides peace of mind!

    Check out our testimonials and reviews, speaking to our technical skill and friendly, compassionate service. Problems with your plumbing can be stressful, so we provide both trusted, professional service and the information and support you need to relax and take care of them. Our broad range of services, including installation and repair of all plumbing fixtures, appliance installation, bath fans and dryer vents, even sump and lift pumps means we’re one company you can call for many requirements.

    We’ll even provide rough-in and finishing plumbing as you add to your current home or start new construction. Since many of us enjoy time away from the city, we also open and close cabins. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we look forward to serving you in McGregor.

    For plumbing, you can count on 24/7 for repairs, and with great ideas for updates in McGregor, call Northern Air Plumbing & Heating today!