residential-water-heaterNorthern Air Plumbing & Heating can provide all types of water heater repairs in McGregor, MN. It’s easy to forget the importance of your water heater until you suddenly don’t have any hot water. Small problems, like fluctuations in your water temperature or unexplained leaks, can require expert service for water heaters. Look to our certified plumbers for dependable water heater installation, maintenance and more.

    Water Heaters in McGregor

    A malfunctioning water heater can quickly disrupt your household’s ability to cook, bathe, wash dishes and more. Common issues can range from decreased hot water to strange tank noises. If your water heater isn’t producing enough, it could indicate a problem with its heating elements or internal thermostat. No hot water at all may mean the system lacks power. Before requesting service, check your circuit breaker and the water heater’s pilot light.

    Faulty connections and loose valves may result in significant leaking. This can cause harm to your walls and floors and increase your risk of a mold outbreak. Be sure to also watch out for rust-colored or strong-smelling water. Changes in your water quality can point to a significant bacteria concern or widespread rusting.

    When determining if you need water heater repairs or a full replacement, keep in mind the age of your system. Generally, water heaters have lifespans of about eight to 12 years. This estimate can vary depending on the quality of the installation, usage, maintenance schedule and model.

    If you have a relatively young system that’s still under warranty, it may be better to opt for repairs. However, if you have an older system that’s struggling with leaks and irregular odors, consider choosing a new water heater installation. An outdated system will continue to run into repair concerns until it eventually breaks down. Replacing your old system with a modern model will give you the benefit of more reliable hot water and decreased energy costs.

    Take a look at our comprehensive selection of water heater services in McGregor:
    • Water heater repair
    • Water heater replacement
    • Annual maintenance
    • Tank flushes
    • Tankless water heater services
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    Trustworthy Water Heater Repairs

    For more than 30 years, Northern Air Plumbing & Heating has been delivering superior residential plumbing and HVAC services. We’re a licensed and bonded business that excels at meeting our customers’ comfort needs. All of our services come with a one-year quality guarantee.

    We’re proud to be a family-oriented company that always upholds Minnesota’s plumbing and building codes. Don’t hesitate to ask about our 24/7 emergency repair services or seasonal specials and deals.

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