Plan Ahead for Maintenance and Save Big

Owning a Northern Air Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement means we’ll automatically schedule and perform your furnace and air-conditioner Precision Tune-Ups when they’re needed most, before the peak energy usage seasons.


Why Sign Up?

Pre-scheduling HVAC maintenance tune-ups helps ensure you save the most money on your energy bills during peak usage, and we make it easy.

Take a Look at What’s Included in Our Precision Tune-Up:

  • Instant 15% discount on heating and air conditioner parts, repair services and qualifying air quality products and services! You save money automatically, every day. No one offers such savings!
  • Priority Service means when you call, your needs comes first.
  • Flexible Scheduling.  Your convenience comes first.
  • 33-Point Inspection* to insure your equipment is squeaky clean and operating at the highest efficiency possible.

Here is a List of Our 33-Point Inspection:

1. Thermostat Calibration
2. Air Filter (Replacement
3. Blower Components
4. Correct Airflow
5. Electrical Connections
6. Proper System Operation
7. Proper Equipment Clearance
8. Equipment Condition
9. Condenser
10. Clean Clearance Area Around Air-Conditioning Unit
11. Safety Controls
12. Starting Capabilities
13. Check All Fittings for Leaks
14. Heat Exchanger
15. Ignition Assembly
16. Burner Assembly
17. Check Venting
18. Combustion Air
19. Gas Pressure
20. Gas Piping
21. Flame Rod Cleaning
22. Check Thermostat Calibration
23. Monitor Refrigerant Pressure
24. Test A / C and Furnace Start-Up
25. Measure Volts and Amps
26. Lubricate All Moving Parts
27. Clean Condensate Drain
28. Inspect Evaporator Coil
29. Change Batteries in Thermostat(s)
30. Inspect Plenum Heater Electrical and Coils
31. Monitor Heat-Pump Operation
32. Clean Venmar-VanEE Filters and Dampers
33. Check All Air Registers for Air Blockage

Services & Benefits Value Peace of Mind Performance Comfort Air Comfort Water
Plumbing Maintenance & Safety Check
Maintenance Checklist Provided
Service Discount Pricing
15% discount on service repairs
No Limits
Furnace Maintenance and Safety Check
Maintenance Checklist Provided
AC Maintenance and Safety Check
Maintenance Checklist Provided
Waived Diagnostic Evaluation
Member pays only $109 if no work performed
After Hours & Weekend Diagnostic Evaluation
Member pays only $109 if no work performed
Preferred Scheduling
Book appointment ahead of non-members
Top of Line
Maintain Warranty
Validates equipment warranty
INVESTMENT $31/month

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