sump pumpAre you in need of sump pump repair in Aitkin, MN? Sump pump maintenance is vital to protect you from the snow and rainfall we get. Your sump pump removes water from the lowest point of your basement or crawlspace. If your home doesn’t have a sump pump, call Northern Air Plumbing & Heating to schedule a sump pump installation. Looking out for issues early on can prevent costly repairs and replacements later.

    Sump Pump Repair in Aitkin

    An excellent way to ensure your pump works correctly is to pour water into the tank until the water touches the float. If the pump is activated, you will know that your pump is working. Doing this several times a year, particularly during heavy rain or snowfall, can help you detect problems before flooding occurs. Performing this simple test throughout the year will help you spot other problems early on.

    If you hear loud noises such as clanging, banging, rattling, squealing, or grinding coming from your sump pump, it’s time to call a plumber to take a look at it. Even if there is no threat of flooding, if you hear your pump running, that indicates there is a problem and that it needs to be inspected. Moreover, if your pump is cycling on and off, it requires the attention of a plumber. Just like your AC or furnace, if bad odors are coming from your pump, it is not a good sign. Additionally, if there is rust, it means that water has been sitting inside your tank and has failed to be removed from your sump pump, which also requires the attention of a plumber.

    It’s important to consider the age of your home when it comes to sump pumps. Typically, these pumps last for about ten years. If your home is ten years or older, it may be time to consider repair or replacement. It’s best to call a plumber for sump pump repair as they have the necessary tools and knowledge to prevent leaks and select the correct parts for your model.

    Sump pump repair can be a simple task like cleaning the system, or it may require the replacement of parts such as the float or check valve. Sometimes, repositioning parts that have moved out of place, such as lowering the float, can also solve the issue.

    5 signs that indicate you need a sump pump repair:
    • Unusual noises
    • Frequent cycling
    • Visible rust or corrosion
    • Lingering odors
    • Water leaks or pooling

    Trustworthy Sump Pump Installation

    After inspecting your sump pump, plumbers may recommend replacing it despite your best efforts to maintain it. This is usually the case if the pump is old or the wrong size when installed.

    Before the sump pump installation begins, a plumber will visit your home to determine the best pump for your situation. They may need to dig a new pit if the pump was installed incorrectly. After replacing the old pump with the new one, the plumber will connect the sump pit to existing pipes or run new piping. Once all parts are in place, the plumber will test the pump to ensure it’s working correctly.

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    Reliable Sump Pump Maintenance

    At Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we provide various household plumbing solutions, including sump pump services and the repair and installation of showers, fixtures, tubs, and toilets. Additionally, we offer full-service HVAC services such as AC, furnace, and indoor air quality services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. We are here to help you with 24/7 emergency repair services. Also, we have Comfort Club, our 12-month preventative maintenance plan, which helps keep your comfort system running and prevents large repair bills.

    We can help with any of your plumbing needs, including:

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