sewer-services-availableIf you live in a low-lying area, you may need sewage pumps in Aitkin, MN to move waste away from your home. Many buildings in our area need extra help moving wastewater away from their premises to avoid backups even when the system operates properly.

    Northern Air Plumbing & Heating can provide you with our experienced plumbers who can install and maintain sewage lift stations and other components to keep your system operating properly. A well-working sewage system is essential to your family’s health.

    Our Plumbing Services in Aitken, MN Include:

    Operation of Sewage Pumps

    Sewage pumps have various uses. At their most basic, they push waste from below-grade areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms to the main sewer line at street level. You can also use them to assist your home’s sewer line to a main sewer line. When the waste reaches a certain level, the pump turns on to push the debris uphill to a point where gravity takes over to move the waste to a sewer line or a septic system. If the sewage pump fails, most installations include an alarm to notify homeowners not to use facilities in affected areas.

    Lift stations have a similar role. These pump stations use a collection system to move wastewater from a lower to a higher elevation. They are ideal for areas with too much pipe depth. Sewage lift stations made from steel last 15 to 20 years or longer with proper care and maintenance. Installing one of these wastewater solutions can provide your home with many benefits beyond avoiding sewage backups.

    Advantages of using a sewage lift station include:
    • Reduces the risk of flooding
    • Reduces overall cost
    • Provides reliable operations
    • Minimizes environmental impact
    • Avoids excessive release of sewage odors
    sump pump

    Our plumbers can recommend whether a sewage pump or a sewage lift installation is more appropriate for your circumstances. Our goal is to recommend the most appropriate sewage solution for your property.

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    Sewage Lift Stations in Aitkin

    Removing sewage from your property is a serious consideration, as you want a company that can install the necessary mechanics. As a family-owned business, Northern Air Plumbing & Heating will provide the necessary expertise and tools to do the job right, along with the professionalism and courteousness you expect. All installations we perform meet Minnesota’s building code standards. Additionally, if you experience problems, we provide 24/7 emergency services and warranties to stand behind all our work.

    For the best service and installation on sewage pumps and sewage lift stations, contact Northern Air Plumbing & Heating in Aitkin. Our staff will gladly provide you with a consultation.

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