residential-water-heaterFew household appliances do as much work as water heaters in Baxter, MN. We use hot water tanks for more than just taking hot showers. They are also needed for doing laundry, cleaning dishes, and many other household tasks. Hot water accounts for a large portion of your average energy bill. You can save a lot of money by keeping your storage water heater in good condition.

    At Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in keeping the hot water flowing. We have you covered if you need help with water heater repairs, installation, or maintenance.

    Your Guide to Water Heaters

    A water heater is a big investment, so it is important to choose the right one. The easiest way to do that is to contact our plumbing experts. We have extensive experience with every kind of heater and can help you understand your options.

    All water heater systems balance cost, efficiency, and convenience differently. For example, traditional tank heaters are easy to maintain but take up more space than tankless heaters. Eliminating the tank also saves energy but limits the system’s throughput. A point-of-use heater will do well if you only need to supply hot water to one appliance. Most styles include a few smart options, which are great if you want to control them with a phone, tablet, etc.

    Some advantages are common to every new water heater. Recent designs are more efficient than old ones. Replacing your old heater will also eliminate any issues with wear and tear and provide a new warranty. Those improvements can save you money by reducing maintenance costs and slashing your energy bill. That means water heater installation is a big project, but it can also be a great investment.

    What benefits can a new water heater provide?
    • Stop running out of hot water
    • Less wasted water
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • Potential rebates
    A leaking faucet on a domestic water heater with tools and fittings to replace appliance

    Water Heater Repairs in Baxter

    Our water heaters work hard to support our dishwashers, showers, and washing machines. It makes sense to keep them in shape to maximize their efficiency. It can even be cost-saving. Choosing a new water heater is a big decision, but we can make it easier for you.

    We offer free estimates, and we are available 24/7 for emergency repair. At Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we have been helping people make the right decisions since 1991. Our plumbing team focuses on quality, so you can be confident your water heater will last beyond its recommended lifespan with proper maintenance.

    If you want the best water heaters in Baxter, give us a call at Northern Air Plumbing & Heating today. We can also help with your home heating and cooling needs