Water flowing from sinkIt’s time to talk with Northern Air Plumbing & Heating about your home’s plumbing in Baxter, MN. We offer a broad range of services from licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers. From roughing-in to repiping, basic fixture repairs and new bathroom or kitchen renovations, clearing clogged drains and finding leaks, we’re ready to help, 24/7 for emergencies.

    Building relationships with our customers throughout the area for decades, we’re your source for expert services, advice, recommendations of new high-tech fixtures or switching to tankless hot water. When your home’s pipes are solid and your fixtures beautiful, you can go with the flow!

    Beautiful Plumbing in Baxter MN

    There are some parts of your pipes and drains that may not be as beautiful as others, but at Northern Air Plumbing & Heating we check it all out and make it right. Drains, in particular, can look pretty rough when we guide our video inspection gear down to check clogs, identify leaks, or inspect your sewer line.

    When our plumbers are able to tell you that everything’s ok, that’s our goal and we’re proud of our team that does the work. They also provide upkeep for your water heater, pipes, sewer line, faucets and toilets, and other features. From tightening valves and replacing washers, to changing water heater anode rods and checking the tank, we’re here to prevent problems.

    Are your faucets more than a dozen years old? Some can last for decades, but over time they get outdated in technology and styling. A change of faucets and fixtures can renew a bathroom’s look, and also help save plenty of water. In the kitchen, a new sink that fits your workflow better, and a faucet that provides space to work and flexibility of function is fantastic.

    You can even get motion-sensing fixtures, great for convenience, water-saving, and use by seniors. If you like to open the faucet and get hot water right away, think about tankless hot water for on-demand flow to save energy, too. We’re your quickly repair, maintain, and come up with new ideas to make your home more enjoyable plumbers!

    Historic homes, rustic cabins, and new construction are all in our areas of expertise for pipe, fixture, appliance, and water supply services. We provide repiping and renovations for well-loved homes, or roughing-in and finishing for new construction. Our licensed plumbers are excellent detectives, resolving puzzles you may have lived with for some time. Stubborn drains, multiple fixtures that seem to be acting up together, and water pressure that seems moody are all reasons to give us a call. Our plumbers provide peace of mind!

    With a variety of plumbing and home services, we provide:
    • Pipe and fixture repairs
    • Sump and lift pumps
    • Tank, hybrid, and tankless water heaters
    • Water filtration systems
    • Water softening and iron removal filters
    • Cleaning drains and clog clearing
    • Sewer line and septic services
    • Video inspection
    • Leak detection and repair
    • And much more!

    Drain being worked on

    Your Peace of Mind Plumbers

    At Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we listen to our customers and provide expert services to meet their needs. Since 1991, we’ve been busy in Baxter, helping to give homeowners peace of mind. Our 24/7 emergency service helps avoid major cleanups, damaged wiring, and nights without indoor plumbing for local families. You can count on us to inspect your home’s pipes and fixtures plus maintain them as well, take care of your water heater and watch for tank leak problems, and keep your water filter system on track.

    We love to provide peace of mind through preventive care. Check out our testimonials for both plumbing and HVAC care, where we’re proud of comments about our technical skill and resourcefulness, and our compassionate service. Problems with plumbing can be stressful, we know. We’re glad to help!

    Call Northern Air Plumbing & Heating for plumbing care you can count on, 24/7, in Baxter!