Refrigerator in Atkin, Minnesota

Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

It’s never pleasant to discover a water puddle in the front of your fridge. Besides the dangers of causing electric shock, damaging the floor, and causing a slipping hazard, a leaky fridge signifies a serious malfunction. The following are some of the causes of a leaking refrigerator. Door Seal Failure Excess condensation from a poorly sealed refrigerator door could cause water puddles beneath the appliance. Compromised rubber door seals force the refrigerator to run constantly. Consequently, you will notice condensation buildup on the fridge coils. This will ultimately leak water from the door to the floor beneath your refrigerator. Clogged Defrost Drain Refrigerators with an auto-defrost feature have a drain line extending to a drip pan underneath them to drain away water created by defrosting. Water then evaporates from the drip pan. Water drips beneath or behind the fridge if the drain line is clogged, missing the collection pan. That could explain the water puddles at the front of your fridge. Unfortunately, it can damage your floors or the wall behind the appliance. The cause is not obvious because it only happens during the defrost cycle. Water Filter Connection Most refrigerators use a water filter that wears out over time,...

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