Frozen Cracked Copper Water Pipe LeakingLeak detection in Brainerd, MN can give you peace of mind as a homeowner. At first glance, you may have trouble telling if your plumbing has any leaks.

    You may also fail to tell where those leaks are. At Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we know how important it is to have plumbing you can rely on each day. To find out if you need to repair or replace pipes or drains, our plumbing leak detection is the first service you need.

    Our Home Services in Brainerd, MN Include:

    Thorough Leak Detection in Brainerd

    Several compelling reasons exist for why you should have your plumbing in Brainerd inspected for leaks. If you see water leaking under a cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom, you have reason to suspect either a pipe or drain in that room leaks.

    Further, aging plumbing fixtures can degrade over time. When you hire one of our plumbers to inspect the older plumbing in your home, you can find out which fixtures have leaks in them. You can then decide whether or not to repair or replace the leaky plumbing.

    Several other reasons exist for why you should have your plumbing inspected for leaks.
    • Excessively high water pressure
    • Weather temperature fluctuations
    • Plumbing line clogs
    • Poor plumbing installation
    • High water bills
    • Dripping or gurgling noises

    One of the key goals of having leaks detected in your home’s plumbing involves saving you money. When you know where a leak is, you can decide if you want to have it fixed or if you should replace the faulty plumbing fixture.

    Detecting leaks can also help you save money on your household’s water bills. When you can appreciate what leak detection offers, Northern Air Plumbing & Heating is here to handle this service for you.

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    Your Plumbing Leak Detection Team

    At Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, we’ll go all out to get your job done when you choose us for plumbing leak detection. Our business has more than 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry in Brainerd. You can even read all about our technicians’ training and experience on our website.

    We use the most updated technology, such as acoustic detectors and thermal imaging cameras, when it comes to detecting plumbing leaks in your home. Early detection of leaks helps you avoid expensive damage to your house and plumbing.

    We’ll always work to provide you with long-lasting and practical solutions. We’ll also focus on keeping your home intact and avoiding damage to walls, sinks, floors, and other critical structures.

    Leak detection gives you facts about how to protect your house’s plumbing in Brainerd, so schedule a time for an inspection by contacting Northern Air Plumbing & Heating today.

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