Will a New Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Be Energy Efficient?

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If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, then it’s likely that you’ve come across the ductless mini split system. This type of system offers both heating and cooling for residential homes. One of the most common marketed advantages of utilizing this type of AC system is that it’s more energy efficient than others.

Are They Really More Energy Efficient?

When it comes down to assessing numbers, ductless mini-split systems have been shown to be up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional centralized air conditioning systems. This means that if you opt for installing a new mini split system over a centralized one, you can save up to 30% a year on your summertime cooling bills. But how is it more efficient?

Why Are Ductless Mini-Splits So Energy Efficient?

The reason that ductless mini-split systems are more efficient than other types of air conditioning systems is due to their design and installation. When you have ductless mini-split systems installed in your home, there is no ducting utilized. In traditional centralized air conditioning systems, homeowners can lose a lot of their cold air through gaps and leaks that develop in their ducting. With a ductless system, you don’t have to worry about that.

In addition to not having ductwork to deal with, the mini split systems are installed in each main room throughout your home. This gives you the advantage of having zone heating and cooling. Most people will find that they’ll use less energy because they can set the temperature to be cooler in whatever room they’re occupying as compared to having to turn down the temperature of all the different units throughout their home. It can save a lot of energy when you’re only turning down your air conditioner in the bedrooms instead of with a centralized air conditioning system where it must try and cool down your entire home to the set temperature that you want in your bedroom.

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