HVAC Energy Savings in Aitkin, MN

3 Tips to Save Energy With Your HVAC System

Having an HVAC system in Aitkin, MN that runs efficiently has numerous benefits, including a comfortable home and lower energy bills. However, if you fail to properly look after your system, you could end up with poor performance and unnecessarily high utility bills. Consider the following three energy-saving tips for your HVAC system. 1. Have Regular Maintenance Done In the long run, regular maintenance helps you extend your system’s life span. As your unit works to keep your home comfortable, dirt can collect inside it, and the usual wear and tear of operating it can start taking its toll. When you have a preventive tune-up performed on a regular basis, technicians from will clean your system, lubricate moving parts, and address any other problems, even those that haven’t fully manifested yet, helping ensure your system’s efficiency. An energy-efficient system will run optimally and help keep the bills down. 2. Address Repairs Promptly Don’t wait for your HVAC system to shut down entirely before reaching out to our technicians. Even if it still runs, if you notice any signs that it requires repairs, including strange sounds, unusual smells, short cycling, and uneven temperatures, seek prompt repair services. Ignoring minor problems can...

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Ductwork in Aitkin, MN

Signs You Need to Clean, Repair, or Replace Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts play a crucial role in heating and cooling your home. Unfortunately, damaged ductwork not only renders your HVAC system inefficient but also leaves your home uncomfortable. If you notice any of these symptoms, you may have a problem with your ductwork. Dusty Home If the surfaces in your home seem to always have a layer of dust on them, especially soon after you clean them, your ductwork may be to blame. You may also notice dust and dirt around your vent registers if your ductwork needs cleaning. In addition to the inconvenience caused by the dust, you may also notice allergy symptoms worsening. Increased Energy Bills Damaged air ducts cannot efficiently transport air throughout your home. If you have ductwork with damaged connections or tears in it, your system will work harder to try to heat and cool your home to no avail. Cold and Hot Spots If you notice a drastic change in temperature levels when you move around your house, your ductwork may have a leak or be incorrectly sized to heat or cool your home efficiently. In this case, you may have to replace or repair the affected sections. Unusual Noises Certain sounds are...

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HVAC Maintenance in Aitkin, MN

4 Easy HVAC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Repairs

During the coldest and hottest months of the year, nothing in your Aitkin, MN home is as important as your HVAC system. In the interest of maintaining the health and comfort of everyone living in your household, you’re probably willing to pay a veritable fortune to keep your heater and air conditioner running. The good news is that you don’t have to. The following are four HVAC maintenance tips to prevent costly repairs. 1. Regularly Change Your HVAC Air Filters Surprisingly, one of the least expensive components in your HVAC system has the greatest impact on its well-being. Best of all, you can swap this component out all by yourself. Changing your HVAC air filters on a regular basis will prevent airflow obstructions that cause your heater and air conditioner stress. With consistently clean filters, your HVAC equipment will have a far lower likelihood of icing over, overheating, or malfunctioning in other ways. 2. Keep Your HVAC Air Ducts Clean and Well-Maintained Your HVAC air ducts need regular maintenance, too. You should have your ductwork professionally cleaned at least once every three to five years. Professional duct cleaning eliminates all dirt, dust, and other debris that’s been blown off of...

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HVAC Technician Explains AC Repair in Aitkin, MN

Leaving Your Windows Open While Your AC Is on Is a Huge Mistake

In summer, the air conditioner in your Aitkin, MN home has a complex, continuous job. In addition to regulating your indoor temperature, it also regulates your indoor humidity and filters your air, improving your home’s overall indoor air quality. Although leaving your windows open might feel like an effective and energy-efficient way to help it along, it can actually cause far more problems than it solves. Opening your windows is a great way to ventilate your living space, but you should always maintain an airtight living environment when your AC is on. Read on to find out why. Opening Your Windows Can Increase Indoor Humidity and Pollution On a temperate, low-pollen day, opening your windows allows fresh, outdoor air to flow in, and stale, stagnant air to flow out. However, during summer, this same tactic could bring outside allergens into your living space and leave the building interior heavy with excess moisture. After all, it’s not uncommon for Aitkin locals to see days with humidity levels as high as 92%. Your Air Conditioner Will Struggle to Regulate Your Indoor Temperature Central air conditioners provide uniform cooling throughout entire buildings. If you open windows in one or more rooms, your AC...

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Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation in Aitkin, MN

The Pros and Cons of Ductless AC Split Systems

Ductless air conditioning split systems, or mini-split systems, are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for an energy-efficient cooling solution for their homes. They are easy to install and quiet. But like any cooling system, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding if a ductless AC split system is right for you. The Pros Easy to Install Unlike conventional cooling systems, which require extensive ductwork to be installed, a ductless AC split system consists of an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit. This makes them very easy to install as long as the outdoor and indoor units are positioned in a way that allows the tubing to connect the external unit with the various indoor air handlers. Very Quiet One of the major benefits of a ductless AC split system is that they are very quiet. The noise from the indoor air handler is no louder than a whisper. The Cons Can Be Expensive Ductless AC split systems are usually more expensive than other traditional cooling systems. The cost can vary greatly depending on the size and type of system you choose. However, if you are looking for an energy-efficient cooling solution, the long-term savings may...

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Indoor Air Quality in Aitkin, MN

How a Professional Measures Indoor Air Pollution

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality (IAQ) should be a concern for homeowners because concentrations of air pollutants can often be two to three times higher inside your home than outdoors. In addition, they have stated that while home air monitors are available, no reliable research indicates these devices accurately measure indoor air quality. If you are concerned about your IAQ, the best course of action may be to hire an HVAC professional to test the air quality in your home. Here are some of the ways professionals measure indoor air pollution. VOC Meters VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are emitted by many household materials and liquids as a gas. During an assessment, professionals can use a VOC meter to measure the concentration of these gases in your home. They use the device to detect things like formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene, which are chemicals shown to lead to health issues. SO2 Meter Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a common pollutant found in the air both indoors and outdoors. It’s produced from burning fossil fuels and can be a significant health problem in enclosed spaces. SO2 meters give a real-time readout, so a technician can give you...

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Mini-split system services in Aitkin, MN

Will a New Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Be Energy Efficient?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, then it’s likely that you’ve come across the ductless mini split system. This type of system offers both heating and cooling for residential homes. One of the most common marketed advantages of utilizing this type of AC system is that it’s more energy efficient than others. Are They Really More Energy Efficient? When it comes down to assessing numbers, ductless mini-split systems have been shown to be up to 30% more energy efficient than traditional centralized air conditioning systems. This means that if you opt for installing a new mini split system over a centralized one, you can save up to 30% a year on your summertime cooling bills. But how is it more efficient? Why Are Ductless Mini-Splits So Energy Efficient? The reason that ductless mini-split systems are more efficient than other types of air conditioning systems is due to their design and installation. When you have ductless mini-split systems installed in your home, there is no ducting utilized. In traditional centralized air conditioning systems, homeowners can lose a lot of their cold air through gaps and leaks that develop in their ducting. With a ductless system, you...

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Air Purifier in Aitkin, MN

Using Air Purifiers for Allergy Relief

If you always keep a box of tissues close at hand, there’s a good chance that you’re an allergy sufferer. Perhaps you find yourself sniffling all day long. If indoor allergens could be part of the problem, then an air purifier might help. Causes of Indoor Allergies The air in your home looks clean, but it may be harboring irritating contaminants. They can include: Cockroach droppings Dead skin flakes Dust mite droppings Mold spores Pet dander Pollen Together, we simply refer to these particles as “dust.” While dust can settle on surfaces, it can also float through the air you breathe. Breathing in dust particles can trigger allergy symptoms. Benefits of Air Purifiers Since dusty air can cause allergy problems, purifying the air may be part of the solution. Air purifiers have filters to trap tiny particles, keeping them from traveling through your interior air. You’ll be able to take cleaner breaths that don’t make your allergy symptoms flare up. Some air purifiers also use UV light to destroy living contaminants, such as mold spores. By damaging the mold’s DNA, the air purifier keeps these particles from reproducing. That way, they will no longer fill your home with their allergy-inducing...

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Air Purification System Installed in Aitkin, MN

4 Tips for Improving Home Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to various health issues, such as respiratory problems, heart disease, and lung cancer. It can be affected by a variety of factors. Unfortunately, identifying the cause of poor indoor air quality is often difficult. To improve your home’s air quality, follow these four tips: 1. Change Your AC Filter AC units are one of the main culprits when it comes to poor indoor air quality. They can remove up to most airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and smoke. However, they do not remove other substances that can cause health problems. These include VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by paint and varnish. That is why you should change your AC filters regularly and consider an air purification system. 2. Ventilate Your Home Another way to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to ventilate it regularly. Ventilation systems can help you circulate the air in your home, which increases the flow of fresh air. The increased air circulation helps remove airborne particles, such as dust and pollen. You should also leave windows open whenever possible, especially during the day. 3. Use HEPA Filters Plain dust masks often do not block harmful particles, such as...

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HVAC Technician With Customer Explaining Furnace Repair in Aitkin, MN

4 Possible Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Working

1. Air Filter Needs to Be Replaced If your furnace is running, but there is little to no hot air blowing out of your vents, you should first make sure your air filter isn’t clogged, as this will limit the amount of air coming into the furnace and, thus, how much heat it produces. A clogged air filter can also cause your furnace to overheat and shut down. Should this happen, your furnace won’t turn on again until it has had time to cool sufficiently. In some cases, your heating system will also need to be reset after overheating before it will work again. 2. Flame Sensor Is Dirty If your furnace lights and then almost immediately shuts down, it usually means that the flame sensor is too dirty to work properly. The flame sensor can also fail due to age. In either case, the flame sensor won’t detect that the burners are lit, which leads to the gas valve closing and the furnace shutting down within a few seconds. 3. Fuel or Electricity Supply Issues If your furnace won’t come on at all, you should make sure that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. Your furnace obviously also won’t work...

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