Toilet Replacement in Aitkin, MN

The Cost of a Toilet Replacement

Various types of plumbing work can be an investment when you own a home or business. Toilet replacements are not the most common work, but they do happen. New toilets aren’t cheap, so it’s essential to understand what you’re getting into before deciding on plumbing work within your area. There are a variety of costs involved in replacing a toilet, and there are many different estimates of how much it will cost. Poorly performed plumbing service can have serious consequences, so be sure you read the fine print before deciding whether you are able to take on this type of work. Look at the following factors when considering how much a plumber might charge to replace your toilet. The Duration of the Repair The actual time to complete the job can vary greatly depending on the toilet size and any issues with the plumbing. There is a chance that the job will take longer if unexpected issues arise. Experienced plumbers can provide an estimate on the time it will take to replace a toilet, given that the other plumbing components don’t need servicing. Technician Experience You will want an experienced and licensed professional to perform your toilet replacement. It is...

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Spring Breeze

The Northern Air Breeze Spring 2016 Celebrating 25 Years 1991-2016 Volume 1, Number 1 In This Issue Greetings Radon Water Softeners Water Heaters Sump Pumps Thermostats Maintenance Checklist Related Websites Radon Information Water Softeners Water Heaters Sump Pumps Thermostats Contact Us northernairaitkin [email protected] (218) 927-6828 Plumbing Tips To see if you have a leak in your toilet, simply put 5 drops of food coloring into your toilet tank and wait 30 minutes. You have a leak if you see color in your bowl. If your kitchen sprayer gets caught on pipe valves when you pull it up, try wrapping it with ½” pipe insulation and tape if necessary. By installing energy-efficient showerheads and aerators, you can save over 4,200 gallons of hot water each year. Did You Know? If you wash clothes 3 times per week, you would use 3,000 more gallons of water each year with a top-load washing machine compared to a front-loading model. It is estimated that 10% of U.S. households have plumbing leaks that account for an average water loss each day of 90 gallons. Fix a Leak Week is celebrated in March of each year to...

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