How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

Cooling Solutions in Aitkin, MN

Using your air conditioner on a hot day could become very expensive. Your air conditioning unit can guzzle electricity, raising your power bills, so finding ways to cool your home without using it can save you money. Here are ways to keep your home comfortable without turning on or overworking your air conditioning unit.

Use Ceiling Fans Rotating Counter-Clockwise

Ceiling fans are a classic solution for reducing your electricity consumption. Turning them on to full speed on hot days is important, but making sure they rotate in the counter-clockwise direction is optimal. This causes the fan to force air straight down into your living spaces. Indoor air circulation mimics the cooling effects of outdoor breezes.

Check Your Insulation

Just like having poor insulation in your home can let cold temperatures inside your house from outside during the winter, it can let heat in from outside during the summer. Having good insulation can keep cool air in your home and prevent it from escaping, and it will keep the heat outside. Ensuring that you have adequate insulation will likely replace some of the need for your air conditioner to operate.

Seal Your Windows

Just like having inadequate insulation in your home can let heat inside, having leaky windows can let large amounts of hot air into your home. If not installed well, windows are not very energy efficient. You can improve your windows’ efficiency by putting sealing tape around the edges. If that does not work, consider replacing your windows with more energy-efficient models.

Get a Dehumidifier

Most areas of the country have humid summers. A lot of perceived heat is just humidity, so reducing the air moisture in your home will feel as if your home is cooler. Dehumidifiers remove humidity from the air and condense it into liquid water, which must be disposed of periodically.

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